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The Cleaning Store

   The Cleaning Store is a professional garment care cleaning and finishing business which
   caters to the personal wardrobes of men, women and children. Forenta and your local
   Forenta Distributor have developed The Cleaning Store concept, combining the newest in
   technology and environmentally-friendly equipment along with professional training to get
   you started.We have included everything you need to be successful in a new business of
   your own!

                                       Why The Cleaning Store?

   To understand the tremendous growth the dry cleaning industry has enjoyed for the past
   20 years, and the growth it will certainly experience in the years to come, consider these

     1. Personal garments today contain more natural fibers - wools, cottons, linens and
         silks. These fabrics require professional cleaning and finishing.

     2. There are 50% more women in the workforce today, and this percentage continues
          to grow. Both men and women require the professional services of a garment
          cleaning store.

     3. Today's hectic lifestyle dictates that we do not have time to clean and finish our
         garments at home.

     4. The many varied materials, from natural fabrics to synthetics and everything in
         between, can all be treated safely by the professional dry cleaner, resulting in
         greater longevity of garments and better appearance.

Today's modern cleaning store is efficient, with energy-saving and labor-saving equipment
designed to produce the finest results at minimal costs. And, of course, today's plants meet
all EPA and OSHA requirements.


   A professional Cleaning Store can provide a nice income for the owner-operator or can be
   operated as an investment with absentee management It is also an ideal business for the
   entrepreneur who wishes to expand into a multiple store operation.

                                 In short, there's never a shortage of dirty clothes. In
                                 fact, U.S. News & World Report has listed dry
                                 cleaning among 10 fields "where fortune beckons" As
                                 mentioned in the USNWR article,"The American
                                 millionaire is more likely to resemble the local dry
                                 cleaner than a figure cast in Hollywood." The best
                                 part is that it's all up to you. You determine the level
                                 of your success, and the sky's the limit with Forenta
                                 as your business partner.

The purchase of your own business is rewarding in many different ways. Not only do you have the
satisfaction of "owning your business" and reaping the rewards of your efforts, but as an owner you are able to take advantage of depreciation and expenditures - and it is a cash only business.

                                   Services offered by The Cleaning Store

                   The professional dry cleaner is extremely diversified in services offered:

                             Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning of Customers' Garments
                                  Wedding Gowns and Special Appliqué Garments
                                                   Leather and Suede Cleaning
                                                    Shirts and Laundry Service
                                                          One Hour Service
                                                          Drapery Cleaning


                           What is included with The Cleaning Store?

                               Forenta and your local Forenta Distributor offer a new
                               concept in a dry cleaning and laundry store which gives the
                               owner-operator a complete package including:

                               Personalized program

                                 1. Site selection
                                 2. Layout and design
                                 3. Quality, state-of-the-art equipment
                                 4. Training before opening and ongoing thereafter
                                 5. Turnkey operation

                               Training includes:
                               Complete training program in an existing operating plant - FREE!
                               In plant training in your own store on start up with a highly
                               skilled training consultant for one full week - FREE!

                               Your Forenta consultant will teach you how to:

                                 1. Prepare invoices
                                 2. Tag garments
                                 3. Organize production areas for maximum efficiency and  workflow
                                 4. Operate equipment, including tips and shortcuts
                                 5. Press and finish shirts
                                 6. Train counter personnel
                                 7. Finish all types of drycleaning garments
                               We will show you the tips and secrets that years of experience
                               in this industry have taught us - knowledge that will make you
                               money from day one.We'll also include training manuals and
                               how-to videos.

                               Equipment includes:
                               We will provide the newest, most advanced Forenta
                               equipment including:

                                 1. Dry cleaning machines
                                 2. Finishing equipment
                                 3. Garment conveyors
                                 4. Call office decor

Important Information

 The information contained in this new business opportunity prospectus is provided for general
 consideration and initial business discussion purposes only. Forenta has used reasonable care
 to furnish complete and accurate information regarding "The Cleaning Store" business concept
 described herein, but Forenta shall have no liability to recipients of this information for any errors
 or omissions. Forenta makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the recipient's
 ability to derive income from the business opportunities described herein. Nothing contained in
 these materials regarding Forenta equipment and/or "The Cleaning Store" business concept is
 intended to constitute an offer to sell or solicitation, of securities or investments of any kind
 under any federal or state securities law.

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